Chemical Weapons: Yes to Israel in Gaza – No to Assad in Syria

Chemical Weapons: Yes to Israel in Gaza – No to Assad in Syria

Ottawa Sun: Sept. 7, 2013

We are being told that the Assad regime in Syria has used chemical weapons against opposition forces. While this may be so, I have seen no credible evidence in the corporate media. However, Human Rights Watch, the UN and Israeli peace groups have issued detailed reports on Israel’s use and abuse of this chemical weapon white phosphorous in Gaza during the IDF’s 2009 Operation Cast Lead. Where is the corporate media on this hypocrisy?

While the Israelis and Western governments are wise to fear the possible role of chemical weapons in the Syrian conflict, their hypocrisy is striking; considering the IDF’s previous use of white phosphorus in Gaza. White phosphorous instantly burns flesh to the bone and produces a toxic gas. Israeli artillery delivered this terrifying chemical weapon to tightly-packed civilian areas of Gaza City in January 2009. This Israeli assault on Gaza killed 1400 Palestinians and 13 Israelis; a kill ratio of about 100 to 1. Now Netanyahu is openly musing about a repeat performance. Here are some facts on white phosphorus or WP:

• Use as an incendiary weapon against civilians prohibited (Protocol III of Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons)
• A protocol to the 1980 Convention on Conventional Weapons bans the use of white phosphorus as an incendiary weapon against civilian populations or in air attacks against enemy forces in civilian areas.

It is widely-assumed in learned circles that Israel has amassed a considerable stock of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons along with the technology to deploy them across the entire Middle East and much of Europe and Africa. Since intimidation is the only reason to possess these monstrous devices; it is natural that both the Israeli and American governments consider themselves exempt from international oversight.

Every so often, the Israeli state decides to “cut the grass” in Gaza as they call those military actions designed to break the Palestinian spirit. All it takes is an antagonizing air strike or a targeted assassination to provoke Hamas into retaliation and a compliant Western media does the rest. While Israel has a mere 200 nuclear warheads, 460 advanced war planes, 3500 tanks, 81 helicopter gunships, 456 artillery batteries, 2500 cruise missiles etc.; the basic rocketry and small arms of Hamas are consistently and outrageously presented as an equivalent threat. How about a reality check?

Riposte to Mike Fegelman of “Honest Reporting Canada” who objected so strenously to my letter:

Dear Mr. Fegelman

The vehemence of your reaction speaks volumes about the affective power of emphasizing certain little-known aspects of the endless struggle over Palestine. Congratulations on your petty editorial victory. You really missed the point of my letter in your haste to censure me; but then again, censuring people seems to be your raison d’etre.

I will honestly say that using the word "gold" in reference to Zionist political contributions was not intended to conjure up dark imagery of the Jewish Shylock cliché. That never occurred to me, although perhaps I have been insensitive to current sensibilities. Speaking of honesty; I see you learned a lesson from demagogues like Mike Harris. Honest Reporting Canada is the online version of the Common Sense Revolution: who can disagree with honesty or common sense? I can't imagine your choice of words was a coincidence.

While I am no racist, I am disappointed to see any species of xenophobic nationalism justified by blind faith in tribal fairy tales, be they Jewish, Christian, Muslim or otherwise. I see now that Chomsky was right about how legitimate critics of Israeli state policy are falsely accused of anti-Semitism in the hope that they will shut up and go away.

How desperately you quibble over words before hurling your cheap anti-Semitic accusation. Have you no appreciation for a turn of phrase? Perhaps we should all revert to monosyllabic and write like robots. However, if blacks, Latinos or gays were supporting Harper's ugly agenda, I would certainly state the fact in eloquent terms and risk their wrath.

My only issue with Canada's Zionists is an objection to the conduct of certain powerful individuals among them (and many also non-Jews) who support Israel's brutal treatment of the Palestinians on the road to total domination and the dream of Greater Israel. In this I am in good company.