Frum Poor Choice as Bannon Opponent in Munk Debate

Frum Poor Choice as Bannon Opponent in Munk Debate

As published in the Toronto Star: November 5, 2018.

Expatriate Canadian Conservative commentator David Frum was a poor choice as Steve Bannon’s opponent in the recent Munk Debate. Frum long ago diminished his relevance to Canadians by moving to the United States and advocating for neo-conservative ideology and permanent war.

As an author and former speech writer to George W. Bush, Frum advocated for the sort of ruthless capitalism and aggressive militarism that created the conditions for the rise of a fake populist like Donald Trump. Both men are beneficiaries of inherited wealth with scant understanding of those who work factory jobs and fight pointless wars.

I would have vastly-preferred to witness a debate featuring Ed Broadbent or Linda McQuaig as Bannon’s opponent.

Morgan Duchesney

Ottawa Canada

Missing paragraph:

Perhaps David Frum will limit his future Canadian appearances to those publicly-subsidized salons organized by Senator Linda Frum and financed through her senatorial budget. Mr. Frum has written at least one work of Washington-based fiction. I’d be more interested in Frum’s views on arts subsides than U.S. politics since he seems willing to suspend his free market cheer-leading when the Canadian public foots the bill for his literary publicity.