Anarchists in Pinstripes

Anarchists in Pinstripes
Cape Breton Post: August 27, 2010

Canadians need to be informed about how the CCCE, formerly the Business Council on National Issues, subverts democracy by going in the back door and cutting Parliament out of the legislative process. The 1983 Competition Act, written by the Business Council on National Issues and passed into law by an order in council of the Mulroney regime, is a good example.

Perhaps people like Thomas D’Aquino, John Manley and Gord Nixon are the real anarchists. While they don’t wear black masks, they definitely mute their visibility.

Furthermore, it’s time to ditch the archaic left-right conception of political ideology. Such a paradigm misrepresents the complexity of modern society. These simplistic labels have long been abused as lazy pejoratives by partisans disinclined to, or incapable of, accurately critiquing the genuine merits and weaknesses of their opponents’ arguments.

It also encourages shameful spectacles like Question Period and vapid political interviews where so-called journalists lob pre-screened questions and pretend to believe the insultingly, empty replies they receive for their efforts.

Morgan Duchesney

Ottawa (formerly Baddeck)