"Royal" Welfare Vacations

Letter to Editor-2009 Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa Sun, Cape Breton Post: “Royal” Welfare Vacations

Morgan Duchesney, Ottawa
Oct. 4, 2009

Rather than Canadians being honored by so-called “royal” visits, the family Windsor should be the ones expressing public gratitude for these luxurious Canadian jaunts financed by the hard-pressed taxpayers of Britain’s former colony. Such gratitude would be especially appreciated during these times of fiscal restraint. I’ve never heard a public word of thanks from the Queen regarding the extreme expense of these trips. Perhaps the Monarchist League could ease the public burden by volunteering to finance Charles and Camilla’s upcoming vacation to Canada.

Alternatively, Canada could insist that these luminaries pay the full cost of their tours. This might involve selling an inherited castle or estate. God knows they can afford to finance the privilege of presenting themselves as unique and superior beings separate from the general run of humanity. The Queen is the richest woman in the United Kingdom yet she and her family receive generous public subsidy and free housing through various programs. Both the public expense and relevance of royalty are worthy of constant public debate. I believe the bloated cost of royalty shouldn’t be born by the public when the royals themselves are perfectly capable of bankrolling their own activities.

Further, the adoption of Highland regalia by Prince Charles of the family MacWindsor is both an offence to fashion and to Scots in general. He hasn't got the legs.