Trump's Usual Tricks


As published in the Ottawa Sun & the Province: June 10, 2020.

Trump’s latest totalitarian stunt at the St. John’s church in Washington wasn’t surprising. He is well aware that a large percentage of American voters either share his vile attitudes or excuse them as the price of short-term economic benefit. This cynical tactic has served every tyrant in history.

Americans who pinched their nostrils and voted for Trump are directly responsible for the consequences of his monstrous behaviour. Nothing can justify supporting this man, and even Trump’s temporary economic successes have been neutralized by the results of massive environmental deregulation and ever-increasing wealth concentration in fewer hands.

It’s also worth remembering that Trump was saved from impeachment only by a compliant Senate. A functioning democracy would have shown him the door.

The main difference between Trump and his predecessors is that, so far; he has harmed his own country to a greater extent than Obama, the Bushes and Clinton, who concentrated on brutalizing other nations for political and economic gain.

Too many Americans (and Canadians) simply refuse to examine the ugly historical record. Perhaps the imperial mindset is too ingrained.