Kissinger a Poor Choice for Ukrainian Conflict Resolution

Kissinger a Poor Choice for Ukrainian Conflict Resolution

As published in Esprit de Corps: 1 August 2022

It has been suggested that Henry Kissinger’s so-called realpolitik might offer a solution to the ongoing violence in Ukraine. Perhaps Dr. Kissinger has reinvented himself as sincere peacemaker but I doubt it. Kissinger’s past expertise mainly involved cynically fomenting conflict at the behest of U.S. imperialism.

Kissinger was a key player in exaggerating the Cold War Soviet military threat to justify U.S. arms spending and agressive militarism including numerous "regime changes". As well, he supported Indonesia’s 1965 peasant genocide, planned the 1970s carpet-bombing of Cambodia and Laos, advised the brutal Shah of Iran and helped General Pinochet destroy Chilean democracy 1973. This list is a mere sample of the great man's achievements.

For these and numerous other outrages, Kissinger is ever-wary of international arrest and extradition warrants that could place him before national courts or the International War Crimes Tribunal. Only U.S. power has protected him from prosecution for war crimes and human rights abuses.

All this considered, the Ukrainians might look elsewhere for advice on conflict resolution. Kissinger’s so-called peace deals have never created fair or just solutions, just more strife.