Royal Attrition Act of 2012

Royal Attrition Act of 2012
Ottawa Sun May 22 2012

Long live British royalty – at their own expense. Prime Minister Harper is spending $75 million public dollars to finance the pomp and ceremony of the Royal Jubilee. Perhaps he thinks we need a morale boost during these times of fiscal restraint. Funny how we always find money for a party while veterans, seniors and cancer patients go begging. I have a democratic suggestion.
The time has arrived for the British government to pass the Royal Attrition Act of 2012. This Act would require the royal family to personally finance all their public and private activities. Eventually, they would either go broke or give up their “public role” to preserve their private luxuries. Either way; we would be clear of them.
God knows the royals can afford to finance the privilege of presenting themselves as unique and superior beings separate from the general run of humanity. The Queen is the richest woman in the United Kingdom yet she and her family continue to shamelessly accept generous public subsidies and free housing. Both the expense and relevance of royalty are increasingly dubious. Does anyone actually believe that the royals acquired their wealth and possessions through conventional business practices?
History tells us otherwise.