George Laraque and Green Party

Like Laraque-This is no Dodge Commercial
Cape Breton Post/Victoria Standard-February 18, 2010
Morgan Duchesney

NHL “enforcer” Georges Laraque’s public decision to join the Green Party must be worrisome for the NHL and its corporate advertisers from the oil and auto industry. I’m sure they would have preferred he stick to shilling razor blades or shaving cream. Laraque, in an apparent act of defiance; seems willing to break ranks and create cognitive dissonance among his more malleable peers who seem content to endorse the latest four wheel fantasy. While many professional athletes lend their name to excellent causes like mental health awareness and animal welfare, it is rare for a famous player to officially affiliate themselves with a controversial topic like environmentalism. That being said, the Green Party may need an enforcer to muscle their way into the House of Commons under the current rules.