Hamas and Fatah

Cape Breton Post: October 10, 2010
Morgan Duchesney

Those who wonder why a “terrorist” organization like Hamas continues to flourish among the Palestinians need look no further than the following quote and its relation to the illegal and provocative Israeli settlements that continue on Palestinian territory. According to “Michael”, a hawkish American settler in the Palestinian West Bank, “…any concessions in pursuit of a peace process with the Arabs is unthinkable.” (Ottawa Citizen: pg C7, Jan. 2, 2010).
It is unlikely that the “Michaels” of the world would be willing to extend a version of Israel’s controversial “right of return” to the Native Americans who once occupied most of the U.S.A. Support for this type of self-entitled hypocrisy ensures continued strife between the Palestinians and Israelis. Any oppressed people may earn the subjectivity-driven terrorist designation if they decide to resist a foe unaccustomed to rebellion. The State of Israel and the United States were both founded largely through guerilla action against arrogant British imperialism and I’m sure the British government of 1789 and 1947 considered their freedom fighter opponents to be nothing but vicious terrorists. Perhaps we need to escape the stifling clichés of subjectivity and explore the deeper roots of conflict on the road to equity and ultimate peace. Such courage and honesty is well within our means.