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Non-fiction - Political Commentary/Political Economy/History: 76

“Canadian governments embrace IHRA ‘Working Definition of antisemitism’”: Hampton Institute: June 22, 2022: USA
“Wounded Veterans Deserve Better”: Nov.12, 2021: Canada
“Canada Indifferent to Palestinian Autonomy”: Pen Insider - Peace and Environment News: August/September 2021: Canada
“Palestinian Nakba and Israel’s Creation Deserve Equal Recognition”: Canadian Dimension: 12 May 2020: Canada / Canadian Foreign Policy Institute: May 13, 2021: Canada
"Federal Media Bailout": Victoria Standard: 12 March 2020: Canada

"Iran’s Ukraine Air Disaster Not Terrorism": Victoria Standard: February 12, 2020: Canada.

"Jason Kenney’s Ministry of Truth": Victoria Standard: January 15, 2020: Canada.

"Canada Backs Palestinian Self-determination": Victoria Standard: December 18, 2019: Canada.

"Western Separatist Rhetoric Inevitable": Victoria Standard: November 20, 2019: Canada
“Election 2019 – Canada’s Free Speech Distraction”: Victoria Standard: October 23, 2019: Canada
"Politicians tip-toeing around Bill 21 during election": Victoria Standard: Sept. 25, 2019: Canada

"Election 2019: Trudeau’s Ethics Mirror Harper’s": Victoria Standard: 25 August, 2019: Canada

"Canada Moves to Protect Sharks: Victoria Standard: 31 July 2019: Canada

“Canada Acknowledges Indigenous Genocide”: Victoria Standard: July 3, 2019: Canada
“Attack Ads Toxic to Democracy”: Victoria Standard: June 5, 2019: Canada
“Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act Long Overdue”: Victoria Standard: May 8, 2019: Canada
"Canada’s Venezuelan Meddling a Pre-election Diversion": Victoria Standard: April 10, 2019: Canada

"Rare Book Suggests North American Holocaust": Victoria Standard: March 13, 2019: Canada

"Indigenous Sovereignty Impacting Canada’s Evolving Energy Sector": Victoria Standard: February 13, 2019: Canada

"Cuts to Carbon Emissions must be Greater, Faster": Victoria Standard: January 16, 2019: Canada

"Canada Doesn’t Need Saudi Arabia": Victoria Standard: January 1, 2019: Canada

"Liberals Impose Conservative Carbon Tax": Victoria Standard: November 21, 2018: Canada

“Bailing-out Trudeau’s Bail-in Regime”: Victoria Standard: October 24, 2018: Canada

"Canada without NAFTA": Victoria Standard: September 17, 2018: Canada

"Canadian Rebuke to Saudi Arabia Long Overdue": Victoria Standard: August 29, 2018: Canada

“Canada’s Lingering Reefer Madness”: Victoria Standard: July 17, 2018: Canada
“Stephen Harper Still Exerting Influence”: Victoria Standard: August 7, 2018
“Kinder Morgan’s Bailout Blunder”: Victoria Standard: July 3, 2018: Canada

“The Real Bank Crisis: Protecting Profits at Public Expense”: Victoria Standard: May 9, 2018: Canada
“Who will commemorate the Nakba in Canada?” Briar Patch – BLOG: May 14, 2018: Canada May 20, 2018, Canada
“Trudeau’s Gun Laws: A Work in Progress”: Victoria Standard: April 11, 2018: Canada
“The Country of Quebec versus the Province of Cape Breton”: Victoria Standard: March 14, 2018: Canada
“Summer Jobs Program and Charter Declarations Aren’t Anti-Anything”: Victoria Standard: February 14, 2018: Canada

“Trudeau Meek on Trump’s Jerusalem Gambit”: Victoria Standard: January 17, 2018: Canada

“Paradise Canada”: Victoria Standard: December 20, 2017: Canada
“Canada’s Nuclear Hypocrisy”: Victoria Standard: November 22, 2017: Canada
“Trudeau’s Security Council Bid”: Victoria Standard: October 25, 2017: Canada
“Trudeau’s Sprinkle Spin”: Victoria Standard: Sept. 27, 2017: Canada
“Saudi Oppression Boosts Canada’s Economy”: Victoria Standard: August 30, 2017: Canada
“Ten Million Dollar Khadr Award Latest Cost of Canada's ‘Tagalong’ Foreign Policy’: Victoria Standard: August 2, 2017: Canada
“Canada’s 150th more Than a Party”: Victoria Standard: July 5, 2017: Canada
“Political Engagement Requires Sacrifice”: Victoria Standard: June 6, 2017: Canada
“Trudeau’s Electoral Evasions”: Victoria Standard: February 28, 2017. Canada
“Trudeau’s Economic Imbalance – Labour and Social Democrats Excluded from New Advisory Council”: Victoria Standard: January 31, 2017: Canada
“Trudeau Renews UNRWA Funding - Quietly Accepts Israeli Dominance in Palestine”: Victoria Standard: January 2, 2017: Canada
“Trump off the Political Spectrum”: Victoria Standard: November 22, 2016: Canada
“Haitian Intervention Fatigue”: The Leveller: November 23, 2016: Canada
Republished as “The Threat of Competent Leadership”: Victoria Standard: January 17, 2017: Canada

“Remembering to Forget - November Eleventh’s Collective Amnesia”: Victoria Standard: November 8, 2016: Canada
“Royal Visit 2016-Junior Team Tours the West Coast”: Victoria Standard: October 11, 2016: Canada
“Highland Scots Experience Parallels Palestinian Case”: Victoria Standard – Sept. 13, 2016: Canada
“Reality of U.S. Record on Cuba”: Adbusters: Issue 126-Volume 24-Number 4: July/August 2016 and the Victoria Standard: April 11, 2016: Canada
Book Review: “The Harper Years in Retrospect”- Peace and Environment News: December 2015:
“Canada Exporting Terrorism: Exposing the disgusting double standard of our government’s stance on foreign fighters”: The Leveler: Volume 7, # 6: Spring 2015. Canada
“Gaza’s Agony: An Alternative Perspective on Recent Events”: Humanist Perspectives: Spring 2015. Canada
“Harper Offers False Choice for Middle East Peace”: Canadian Charger: February 18, 2014: Canada
“Canadian Perspective on U.S. Financial Crisis”: Humanist Perspectives: Summer, 2013 & National Library of Australia: Canada/Australia

“Miko Peled Profile”: Muslim Link: June, 2013: Canada

“The General’s Son” by Miko Peled: book review in the Muslim Link: April 18, 2013 / Peace and Environment News, June 2013: Canada

“Canada’s Banking System: Reality and Myth”: Humanist Perspectives, Spring, 2013 and National Library of Australia: Canada/Australia

“Israel’s Illegal Migrant Hypocrisy”: Canadian Charger, July 19, 2012: Canada

“Western Complicity in Iran’s Nuclear Strategy”: Muslim Link, June 8, 2012: Canada

“Afghanistan’s TAPI Pipeline – We Stand on Guard for Free”: Canadian Charger, January 15, 2012: Canada

“Historical context: Palestine Becomes the Modern state of Israel”: Humanist Perspectives: Autumn, 2011: Canada

“Dying for Oil: Business as Usual”: Peace and Environment News, September/October, 2011: Canada

“Fraternizing with the Underground”, Review of “Among the Truthers: A Journey through America’s Conspiracist Underground” by Jonathan Kay. Peace and Environment News, July, 2011: Canada

“The Canadian Council of Chief Executives: Northern Oligarchy”: Humanist Perspectives / National Library of Australia: Spring 2011: Canada/Australia

“The Humanistic Value of Martial Arts”: Humanist Perspectives: Spring 2010: Canada

“Expediency”: Peace and Environment News, September/October, 2010: Canada

“The Treatment of Welfare Fraud by the Ontario Government”: Canadian Social Research Network Newsletter, Feb., 2010. (M.A. research essay-Carleton University Institute of Political Economy, Jan., 2004.) : Canada

“Left/Right Concept Outdated”: Peace and Environment News, Nov., 2009: Canada

“The Peace Process-Palestine Eroded Piece by Piece”: Adbusters (, Sept., 2009: Canada

“Anti-Semitism and Criticism of the Israeli Military”: Peace and Environment News, Sept., 2009: Canada

“Canada in Afghanistan: Finding Out Why”: Peace and Environment News, June, 2009: Canada

“Chartered Banks: Let the Free Market Rule”: Peace and Environment News, July, 2009: Canada

“Symbolic Democracy in Canada” Humanist Perspectives, Spring, 2009: Canada

“The Political Economy of Afghanistan” Humanist Perspectives, Autumn, 2008: Canada/Belgium

Non-fiction: Martial Arts: 8

“Navigating Ethics and Compromise in Martial Arts”:
Iain Abernethy-The Practical Application of Karate: March 15, 2017: Canada/UK
Guest Writer’s section:
Retitled as: “Do you Compromise Well?” - Martial Arts Business Vol.1 No.2 by Blitz Publications - issuu Jun 12, 2017: Australia
Shintani Harmonizer: Issue 3 - June 2018. April 14, 2020. December 2021

“Reality-Based Self-Defense at Canterbury Community Centre”: Vistas: October 2014: Canada

“Foundations of Self-Defense” Ottawa Citizen: March 3, 2014: Canada

“Just Don’t Call MMA an Art” Ottawa Citizen: August 17, 2010: Canada

“The Humanistic Value of Martial Arts (Budo)” Humanist Perspectives, Spring, 2010: Canada

“Zanshin and Personal Security Concepts” Harmonizer Journal, Apr., 2010. Canada

“A General Examination of Karate Organizations through the Lens of Organizational Theory” Budo Journal, 1st quarter, 2006: Canada/Australia

“The Value of Karate as an Instrument of Social Justice” Tone, Jan., 2006: Canada

Fiction: 9

“Election Day” The Danforth Review: July, 2012: 12 pages: Canada

“What the Sea May Hide” Static Movement / Death’s Head Grin: August, 2012: 20 pages: USA

“Old Dikky and the Sea Things” Blood Moon Rising: October, 2012: 10 pages: UK

“The Congo Exorcist”: Static Movement: May, 2013: USA / Morpheus Tales Magazine Issue 21: July, 2013 & Morpheus Tales Magazine Best of Volume 7: April, 2018: 8 pages: UK

“Follow the Glen Brook Trail”: Naashwak Review Volume 32/33 - December 2014: 12 pages: Canada

“Eleanor’s Inevitable Christmas”:
Canadian Stories: Vol. 21 #119: February/March 2018

Story Quilt:: December 2017: 6 pages: Canada

“Wrong Side of the River”:
Scary Dairy Press SDP Terror Politic 2018 Anthology: pages: USA
• Honorable mention-Ottawa Crime Writer’s Association 2106 Short Story Contest: 9 pages: Canada

“Simon’s Boat”: Naashwak Review: Volume 44/45 - Fall 2020/Winter 2021: Canada

“MacConnach Day”: Nashwaak Review Volume 47/48 – April 2022 Canada