Humanity as Global Junkie-Five Planet Lifestyle

Humanity as Global Junkie
Cape Breton Post May 16 2012

The current state of humanity’s collective and protracted abuse of the biosphere may be compared to an addict reaching the stage of active addiction where denial begins to erode. As it is no longer possible to pretend that another hit is safe; it is likewise impossible for us to persist with the fantasy of infinite resources, the planet’s innate resilience or technological salvation. Like a drunk with a salvageable liver; the human species may yet have the time and grace to prevent the world’s slide into Hell.
For centuries, we’ve callously burned, tortured and poisoned the earth like affluent tipplers sipping scotch on the slippery slope to skid row. Now the monkey’s claws are sunk deep into the earth’s twitching back and; lacking sufficient humility, we seek a cure we may not deserve.
Humanity has simply failed to express enough contrition for its career of abusive behavior. Like a recovering addict seeking forgiveness; we mouth the words of environmental redemption but are unwilling to surrender our beloved conveniences. Twelve step programs offer the using addict a promise of “jails, institutions or death.” What does the five planet lifestyle offer the world if we in Canada and the U.S. proceed with our current course?