LaFlamme Ousted from CTV

LaFlamme Ousted from CTV

As published in the Cape Breton Post: August 20, 2022 & the Hill Times: August 22, 2022

(Postscript: It is unacceptable if Lisa LaFlamme has suffered discrimination due to her gender or greying hair. However, I would find it easier to defend her if she had actually followed the journalist's motto during her career as an anchorperson: "Afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted." While LaFlamme has advocated for the Ukrainians, she had ignored Palestinians under Israeli martial law, Yemeni rebels and other groups whose struggles are an inconvenience to the world's wealthy nations. She will be replaced by someone who serves power with equal obedience, no matter their gender, age, race or hair color.)

The original letter:

Bell Media and CTV are corporations and as such, are only obligated to maximize shareholder value; often with public subsidies. It is unrealistic to expect ethical behavior from such organizations, unless it increases profits. Lisa LaFlamme was a highly-paid employee of that corporation and was undoubtedly expected to assist in this profit-seeking mission.

As well, it is instructive to compare most corporation's rhetoric with their behavior and reliance on public relations actors and so-called reputation managers. Both she and her predecessor Lloyd Roberts were corporate journalist/newsreaders who were keenly-aware of their powerful employers' wishes and attitude. To paraphrase Orwell, they and their peers performed obediently without the necessity of command.

As information gatekeepers, they operated within the confines of acceptable comment and "thinkable thoughts." They were dependable cheerleaders for neoliberalism: corporate tax cuts, public service reductions, privatization of social programs and enhancing the mobility of capital and stock market speculation. They also provided dependable condemnation of official enemies and consistent support for U.S. military interventions, completely devoid of historical context or contrary perspectives.

While LaFlamme advocated for the Ukrainians, she ignored those Palestinians under Israeli martial rule, Yemeni rebels fighting a Saudi-backed government and the many other groups whose struggles represent an obstacle to the business interests of the wealthier nations.)

LaFlamme was likely "retired" to make way for a younger face. However, I doubt if she was actually surprised and I can't imagine her leaving CTV without a hefty severance package and other financial benefits.