David Frum’s Kleptocracts

David Frum’s Kleptocracts

Posted on March 1, 2017 | Morgan Duchesney | Written on March 1, 2017

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Recognition that David Frum may have forgotten where he is from.

David Frum’s Kleptocracts

In a recent Atlantic article expatriate Canadian David Frum noted, without irony; that American democracy under Donald Trump will radically deteriorate under increased pressure from kleptocratic and autocratic business forces. Apparently, the neocon klepocracy of the Bush era operated within acceptable limits for Frum; noted for sanitizing the activities of ruthless plutocrats like Dick Cheney whose Haliburton Corporation milked the Iraqi quagmire with perfect legality. While Frum was ghost-writing speeches for George W, Bush,”…the richest Americans”…, according to Oliver Stone,”…continued to plunder the national wealth. Bush and Cheney did everything they could to facilitate the effort, knowing the consequences full well.”

Concerning kleptocracts, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recent $347 million Bombardier “loan” signals that Trudeau Jr. understands the difference between good and bad socialism. Good when he recognizes his duty to redistributes public wealth to profitable companies and bad when it concerns matters like a national prescription drug plan.

Corporate Canada continues to enjoy both federal and provincial subsidy regimes in spite of record profits, cash surpluses and ever-lower tax rates. Part of the reason is the intimate relationship between business and senior politicians. For example, former Harper ministers Jim Prentiss and John Baird instantly converted their platinum rolodexes into lucrative corporate work minus the “cooling off” period required of lesser bureaucrats. Undoubtedly, Trudeau’s inner council eagerly await their just desserts.

Morgan Duchesney is an Ottawa writer whose political column appears monthly in the Victoria Standard.


ActCity Ottawa • 15 days ago
You really did not read what I said did you James. A Kleptrocrat is a government official who is a thief or exploiter.
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ActCity Ottawa • 16 days ago
I would say that Trudeau is showing his true colours and is the consummate Kleptocrat. HIs pro NAFTA, TPP and CETA stance, approval of Site C Dam flooding native land, approval of the Pacific NorthWest LNG project, approval of Trans Mountain and Kinder Morgan Pipelines, his support and approval of a $15 B military contract with Saudi regime, his support for NATO and a possible doubling of the military budget from $20 to $40 Billion dollars, his sending of troops to Lativia, and at least two African countries, his abandonment of his promise to reform the electoral system, and more. I don't think Hollywood could have written a better script for a made in Canada Kleptocrat and in such a short time. Our own Obama of sorts. A promise of change but for who's benefit?

James O'Grady Mod ActCity Ottawa • 15 days ago
These things aren't change. Harper would have done the same. Trudeau's change is not real change. Change is needed to rid us of the corruption that has infiltrated all three levels of our governments. But real change is required, not empty promises which amount to lies.

The Liberals and Conservatives are the opposite side of the same coin as far as I am concerned. Both seek power for Power's sake. Both work on behalf of their benefactors rather than for Canadians. Both lie all the time to gain power. It's quite sad really as the cycle of duping Canadians continues...