Union-bashing Thriving

YOU SAID IT: Union-bashing Thriving

Original title: Brian Lilley’s “School of Life” Accepting Applications

As published in the Ottawa Sun: September 14, 2020.

As Labour Day approaches, it’s worth noting that union-bashing is thriving, especially on the pages of the Ottawa Sun.

According to Brian Lilley, the literature degree of teachers’ union boss Harvey Bishof disqualifies him from commenting on medical matters. Perhaps his lack of meteorology training also diminishes his ability to comment on the weather.

Conversely, Lilley’s journalism diploma and self-proclaimed “school of life” credentials support his broad expertise in all matters of public import. Unfortunately for public education, Lilley has a large and sympathetic audience.

Such reflexive anti-intellectualism remains a reliable ad hominem tactic when facts don’t fit the desired narrative: that teachers are an over-paid, pampered and privileged elite who care more for themselves than students or taxpayers.

It seems premier Ford has been inspired by Mike Harris’ simplistic philosophy on education. Anti-union sentiment among Ontarians who freely chose the benefits of non-union employment is fueled mainly by misconceptions.