Ford’s Cone of Climate Silence

Ford’s Cone of Climate Silence

As published in the Ottawa Citizen: September 1, 2018.

Like Stephen Harper and Donald Trump, Doug Ford has chosen to silence government scientists who might shed light on climate change. Were these researchers to deny the human role in catastrophic weather events; Ford would spare no effort to broadcast their findings. Unfortunately, he and his advisors can depend on the following information.

Baird's Gold Standard on Saudi Human Rights

Baird's Gold Standard on Saudi Human Rights

Published: August 31, 2018 – Ottawa Sun

As Stephen Harper’s UN spokesman, John Baird used to say, “I refuse to go along to get along,” at least when the slightest criticism of Israel was involved. Lately, the previous foreign affairs minister has embraced a newfound flexibility as a paid adviser to Barrick Gold, a Canadian company with mining interests in Saudi Arabia.



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Stephen Harper Still Exerting Influence

Stephen Harper Still Exerting Influence

As published in the Victoria Standard: August 7 , 2018.

Recent media reports about Stephen Harper’s public activities suggest that he has been quietly active since losing power and quitting as Conservative leader in 2015. In spite of Harper’s low public profile, he has advised senior Republican figures, written a political book, chairs the 80 member International Democratic Union and leverages influence through his consultancy firm.

Canada’s Lingering Reefer Madness

Canada’s Lingering Reefer Madness

As published in the Victoria Standard: July 17, 2018.

As the legalization date approaches marijuana opponents should consider the ugly consequences of nearly a century of prohibition. It’s also worth noting how yesterday’s crime becomes legal commerce, with a few words on official paper. They might even pour a drink and light a cigar, just to get in the mood.

Ford’s Trumpish Tendencies

Ford’s Trumpish Tendencies

As published in the Guardian: Weekly letters - 6 July 2018

According to Ian Lee, a professor at Carleton University, Doug Ford’s political victory in Ontario (15 June) is unrelated to rightwing populist trends in the US and Europe. However, the new Conservative premier’s background and public behaviour is quite Trumpish, including Ford’s record of publicly belittling gay pride activists and the developmentally handicapped.

Kinder Morgan’s Bailout Blunder

Kinder Morgan’s Bailout Blunder

As published in the Victoria Standard: July 3, 2018

The Trans Mountain pipeline intended to ship Alberta bitumen to the Pacific may be yet built using a familiar model: private profit at public risk. Beyond the financial hazard of the Kinder Morgan bailout, I am equally concerned about the project’s potential impact on the environmental, First Nations and Canadian resource sovereignty.

Radio interviews: Canadian Council of Chief Executives

Radio interviews based on 2011 article: Canadian Council of Chief Executives - Northern Oligarchy

June 2018:

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